L’areo collection

All the plain things lighted-up by the L’Areo profile get all of the visible attention because it looks that they are lifted up above the surface of the wall. And you wouldn’t see any fitting elements or glaring light dots. Create a halo what softly embrases decorative & functional elements in the interior and brings a new meaning to such a typical things as doors, windows, picture frames and etc.

Dimensions (W*H*L): 2200*21*50, weight is 980g
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  • Lighting decoration of doors & windows casing boards
  • Marking of architectural elements such as arches, apertures, bay window zones, fireplaces and etc.
  • Making a halo to some furniture elements, decorative niches & plain portals.

Using l’Areo profile to add a halo under the doors or windows casing board the profile should be leand to side jamb and fixed on wall surface or spacers by screws.